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The area surrounding San Francisco Bay in Northern California is where we call home. We are fortunate to have beautiful natural surroundings (forested mountains, ocean and beaches, lakes, grassy hillsides, and marshlands); pleasant weather; both urban and agricultural areas; and a progressive, enterprising citizenry. We are home to people of a variety of occupations and points of view  who have family origins from a wide variety of nations. Many are first generation immigrants. To learn more about our area, visit the following websites:

The California Travel and Tourism Commission website describes different regions in the San Francisco Bay Area and what to see and do there. It also provides information on such things as transportation, dining, and lodging, and provides an area map. Translations of the website are available in several languages.

The San Francisco Bay Area (Yahoo's searchable directory to the Bay Area) has links to pages describing the many different parts and characteristics of the San Francisco Bay Area—anything you want to know about the San Francisco Bay Area from links to online versions of newpapers and radio station broadcasts, to international cultural groups, to places to see and things to do in the Bay Area, to community organizations.

San Francisco City Guides lists free walking tours of San Francisco that are conducted by volunteers. Group tours for as little as $10 per person can be arranged with advanced notice.


The history of the city of San Francisco, California, and its development as a center of maritime trade, were shaped by its location at the entrance to a large natural harbor. San Francisco is the name of both the city and the county; the two share the same boundaries. Starting overnight as the base for the gold rush of 1849, the city quickly became the largest and most important population, commercial, naval, and financial center in the American West. 

San Francisco was devastated by a great earthquake and fire in 1906 but was quickly rebuilt. The San Francisco Federal Reserve Branch opened in 1914, and the city continued to develop as a major business city throughout the first half of the 20th century. Starting in the latter half of the 1960s, San Francisco became the city most famous for the hippie movement. In recent decades, 

San Francisco has become an important center of finance and technology. The high demand for housing, driven by its proximity to Silicon Valley, and the low supply of available housing has led to the city being one of America's most expensive places to live. San Francisco is currently ranked ninth on the Global Financial Centres Index.


Our club, Friendship Force San Francisco Bay Area, founded in 1984, presently has about 80 members. Our members live from Novato in the North Bay to San Jose in the South Bay and from Oakland to Livermore in the East Bay. Because our membership is scattered over a large area, we hold events throughout the Bay Area.

Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area who shares the principles of Friendship Force is welcome to become a member of our club, and any member may apply to be an ambassador. Our members may also travel with any other U.S. club, if space is available. 

Annually our club hosts at least one incoming international journey and travels on at least one outbound international journey. We also have "domestic" journeys with other clubs within the United States.

Our club publishes a newsletter 4 or 5 times a year and maintains a "Friendship Forest" at Prusch Park in San Jose.


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